Saturday, January 15, 2011

A picture speaks a thousand words

When I was last in India, I created 1 post of just photos  Photos often capture what words can't describe, plus, I have many lazy (or busy, so they say)  friends who don't like to read :o)

I still don't own a camera so most of these photos are 'stolen' (again).  I did take some with my lousy 1.3mega pixel phone camera though (we all have to start somewhere right!)

Ok .. enough words ... take a look for yourself

Found in an organic shop.  We didn't buy it and didn't manage to find out who has tried it 

Elephants all dolled up for the big Dassara festival in Mysore
Backside of the elephants.  Love the parasols!
My rickshaw driver Maney's homemade Lemon Rice.  Key ingredient - Love!

The famous Mylari Dosa (I am so sick of it I refuse to go there anymore!)

Maney and his rickshaw, all decorated and set to be blessed in the Auto Puja for Dassara
The rickshaw always had to be watched or the cows would come eat the flowers!

Kids on the way to school, reminding me of the backpack I used to carry altho mine was a lot heavier!

Hotel Paradise - classic retro decor

I'm don't cook but this beetroot carrot quinoa salad topped with white sesame seeds with a honey-lemon-olive oil dressing was pretty tasty (even if I do say so myself

I love all cow photos .. but this one of the cow trying to get into the house is a classic
The shala steps - usually either littered with shoes or with people waiting for the later Led class to start

People on the shala street waiting to go in for Conference

My landlord (taller guy) outside the house.  I live on the top floor .. entering via the stairs on the rightside of the house

Shao Gay bhat (basically Beehoon with Indian spices ... I refused to eat Chinese noodles in India but surprisingly it's pretty good)

Upma (made from Semolina) with Coconut chutney.  One of my favourite Indian Breakfast items

The Onion and Coconut street in Devaraja Market

Flower street in the market

I love this scene - the Indian laundromat where clothes are left out in the rain and dried on the fences, grass etc (wherever there is space to hang stuff)

Belur temple

The reason why I spent so much time in my room being anti-social

A pin cushion I made from the leftover scraps and stuffing from the Christmas stockings

Stocking #1 - the early days

Stocking #2 - WIP

Stocking #3 - when will this be finished?!!

Yoga Dassara ... all welcome

Everyone in Downward Dog - such an awesome sight

Ouch! And no, I can't do this

Sharath (his daughter by his side) leading students from the shala in an Ashtanga demo

A muffin shake - with half a muffin blended into the shake and the other half hanging outside.  Sounds gross? I thought so too .. but again ... I was wrong! It's pretty good