Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mysore Moments

Every trip to Mysore is very memorable.  Even though I do similar things (eat , sleep, practice, veg), each trip is different ... because my practice is at a different stage every time and the people I interact with are never the same -even the same people are different every year.

Each time I leave Mysore, I make a list of my top 3 Mysore Highlights and Lowlights.  It’s a great way to remember each trip.  The Highlights are usually centred around Practice, Food (for example, discovery of the best dosa place) and Friends.  The Food highlights always makes me smile.  The Lowlights give me something to reflect on and perhaps an area to work on.

I don’t share my highlights and lowlights because some points are personal  ... but I can proudly share my top highlight for this 2010 trip ... I can almost confirm that I spent more time on this activity than practicing in the shala.  As my nephews would say .... TA-DAH!!!! :o)

Mission Accomplished - 3 Christmas Stockings!

I can also share 1 lowlight ... that I actually got tired of Indian breakfast at some points during my trip   This has never happened before, even during my 5 months stay in 2008! I was horrified and extremely disappointed that even when I was eating the most delicious, crispy Rava Dosa one morning, I couldn’t finish it! Absolutely shocking right?! Yah ... I also say

I'm back in Singapore now, completely drowned in all the Christmas decorations.  It was so weird seeing the first Christmas tree when I went through Bangalore airport, but after that, there was no stopping it ... tree after tree after tree!

Merry Christmas from India! :o)